Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My scrollwheel's starting to get a life of its own. Recommendations for a good brand of mouse? Life is amazing and full of surprises.

Well god damn, that cinches it :)

Microsoft to release free PC/360 game development tools

and add a section to Live called the "community arcade"...

Brilliant, honestly. Tapping into the same bank of people who are developping flash games already... Man. This might push me to get a 360.. (then again, it sounds like you can play them on PC anyway, so maybe not ;P)

Anyway. I still think Microsoft are criminals for holding a monopoly with some of the most poorly-designed PC software available, but damn, they seem to be doing this 360 business right. (Time will tell if this software is actually remotely useful, of course, but big ups for the concept at least ;P)

After all that

DDR = postp0wned :{ More Chris News.

Fatboy Slim Juggling

= Pretty Swanky. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEb3YknGUks

(also, cute juggling guy ;P)

I need to get back into Fatboy Slim. Also, did Sufjan Stevens ever release that Illinois B-Sides or what?

Monday, August 14, 2006

It's Here.

o shi, arfenhouse 6 D:

gotta plug the goodness, it's been, what, three years? ;P oh also I'm in it tutorial 21.

Foint porm

Carlie is fun! We have stuff in common. I bought We ♥ Katamari today :D The controls are frustrating but I'm sure I'll adapt. DDR is harder than I remember!

It is now my intention to sit around and roll up objects for several hours.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I now have a gig of RAM!

Appreciable difference = NIL :D

X3 But I'm sure it'll start to be apparent once I actually do processor-intensive stuff, instead of just checking LJ ;P Holland America Alaska Cruises.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Is there some RULE in Star Trek where you always have to accent the wrong word when you're using a technical term (fictional or otherwise)? "Now, access the power modulator and adjust the phase discriminator to scan for tachyon particles." Every single series...

Oh man, Lemon Demon's new CD is out too. X3; I've gotta start keeping up with these things!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Three tracks into Zero 7's "The Garden". So far: does NOT disappoint! :D

Hot damn. I think that might've actually been better than Simple Things...


New Zero7 album!! And I only found out because I went to their site to look up lyrics X3;

Three tracks into Zero 7's "The Garden". So far: does NOT disappoint! :D

This is me, and this is the Fourier Transformation. We're married.

a.k.a, ever wanted to poke at your laptop screen but didn't want to deal with getting a new laptop?

(found by [info]ku_mi_ho)

I've seen some games with fancy graphics, and I've seen some games with fancy gameplay, but I'm impressed, in this one they genuinely complement each other... I think they've actually improved pong, and they did it with fluid dynamics, of all things ;) Give it a whirl, it's as fun as it is pretty... this thing needs to hit XBLA, seriously. And it's starting to seriously make me want to get into OpenGL... there must be some template that would let me get into it without having to dirty my hands in Windows application development.... maybe Python would have one? I keep hearing good things about Python...

Been cleaning up my room and stuff all day :) Feels good to have nothing pressing. On monday, I start working on the website of the guy who got me my job at MomentFactory... it should be a much shorter job, but still. I also gotta start looking into what school I'm going to go to... so yeah, for now, yay relaxing ;P

Aw man

Hell. Yes. *rawk*

Sunday, August 06, 2006

2:00 PM - "Naw, the site's looking great, nothing I want you to change. Thanks for asking though."

5:55 PM - "OK, here's everything I need you to change..."

XP I ended up taking a bit of it home with me, because he had to lock up X3; Nearly done though :P Geez ^^;

On an unrelated note... I really think I need to make myself a shirt that says "Give Me My Sweater Back Or I'll Play The Guitar". My raw admiration for Lemon Demon continues unabated (although maybe a reference to one of his pre-lemon-demon works isn't the best way to show it? :P Still, it's his most shirtable lyric...) Thinking about it, though, what I REALLY need is a way to print masked white areas onto a t-shirt. The only process I can think of that does that is silkscreening, so like forget that -- but the iron-on transfers which are transparent where ink hasn't been applied could surely be adapted to a printer that contains white ink, couldn't it? Someone must have done this by now, mustn't they? Anyway!

My dad found a sale -- 512 MB DDR400 ram for $50. I pounced ;D Got one for my compy, and one for his (which we hadn't realised was trying to run Windows XP on 128 MEGS OF MEMORY, holycrap). Gonna install them tomorrowish :) Also tomorrowish: DDRing (the OTHER kind of DDR this time, not the ram ;P) with Bob's friend Carlie -- my friend now, I guess :) It's been so long since I've made an RL friend! Are.. are there papers I have to sign?

Best dog smile ever


Close runner-up

Saturday, August 05, 2006

You are shitting me :D

Symphony Of The Night, downloadable on Xbox Live Arcade

Hot gosh darned diggity damn XD They've said it's the PSX version, but I wonder if they'll add Maria and the extra areas?

64-bit processors; still annoying?

My dad's got his eye on a laptop (same specs as mine, but with a smaller screen but a real video card, for $50 more...). THe only thing is, it's got AMD's 64-bit mobile processor... Are 64-bit processors still a pain, basically? Or have all the major programs got 64-bit versions by now? How much slower is it to run a 32-bit program on a 64-bit processor, exactly? (In particular: my dad wants to use it for recording his band, and recording over played-back tracks, so latency's a biggie.)