Sunday, August 06, 2006

2:00 PM - "Naw, the site's looking great, nothing I want you to change. Thanks for asking though."

5:55 PM - "OK, here's everything I need you to change..."

XP I ended up taking a bit of it home with me, because he had to lock up X3; Nearly done though :P Geez ^^;

On an unrelated note... I really think I need to make myself a shirt that says "Give Me My Sweater Back Or I'll Play The Guitar". My raw admiration for Lemon Demon continues unabated (although maybe a reference to one of his pre-lemon-demon works isn't the best way to show it? :P Still, it's his most shirtable lyric...) Thinking about it, though, what I REALLY need is a way to print masked white areas onto a t-shirt. The only process I can think of that does that is silkscreening, so like forget that -- but the iron-on transfers which are transparent where ink hasn't been applied could surely be adapted to a printer that contains white ink, couldn't it? Someone must have done this by now, mustn't they? Anyway!

My dad found a sale -- 512 MB DDR400 ram for $50. I pounced ;D Got one for my compy, and one for his (which we hadn't realised was trying to run Windows XP on 128 MEGS OF MEMORY, holycrap). Gonna install them tomorrowish :) Also tomorrowish: DDRing (the OTHER kind of DDR this time, not the ram ;P) with Bob's friend Carlie -- my friend now, I guess :) It's been so long since I've made an RL friend! Are.. are there papers I have to sign?


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