Monday, August 07, 2006

This is me, and this is the Fourier Transformation. We're married.

a.k.a, ever wanted to poke at your laptop screen but didn't want to deal with getting a new laptop?

(found by [info]ku_mi_ho)

I've seen some games with fancy graphics, and I've seen some games with fancy gameplay, but I'm impressed, in this one they genuinely complement each other... I think they've actually improved pong, and they did it with fluid dynamics, of all things ;) Give it a whirl, it's as fun as it is pretty... this thing needs to hit XBLA, seriously. And it's starting to seriously make me want to get into OpenGL... there must be some template that would let me get into it without having to dirty my hands in Windows application development.... maybe Python would have one? I keep hearing good things about Python...

Been cleaning up my room and stuff all day :) Feels good to have nothing pressing. On monday, I start working on the website of the guy who got me my job at MomentFactory... it should be a much shorter job, but still. I also gotta start looking into what school I'm going to go to... so yeah, for now, yay relaxing ;P


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